Thursday, September 29, 2011

Workin' at the Car Wash

Well, I wasn't really working at THE carwash as much as I was working on washing MY car.

Last Thursday was beautiful day. The kiddos wanted to watch cartoons after I got done at the gym. I just couldn't let them waste time sittin' on their little booties when it was perfect outside. It wasn't hot and it wasn't cold, it was just right, like baby bear's soup.

My car, which is white, was lookin' pretty rough. It doesn't take much for my car too look rough, I mean it's WHITE! If I can help it, I will never own a white car again. My Dad thinks white is great because it is the easiest color to match if you ever need a section painted. That may be true, but it is also the hardest to keep clean! And it gets dirtier way more often that it does repainted. Which in 8 1/2 years it has never been painted! Oh, and what color is my dad's vehicle? White right? Nope, candy apple red!

Okay, sorry off my little rant.

So, I got out all the cat wash stuff from the garage and went to work. I sprayed bug remover on the front bumper to try and dislodge the colony of dead insects that now called it home. I scrubbed dirt, road grime, and who knows what else off the bottom half of the doors.

When I was done I was left with one shinny white car. It is funny I always forget how white my car is until I give it a bath. Kinda like Mr. E. He loves playing in the dirty and will often have random dirt spots on him somewhere.

look at those fluffy clouds in the sky.

I even shinned the tires!

This baby had the works, washed, waxed, shinned, and rainexed. Here is all the stuff I used to transform my gray drab car back into the bright white it truly is.

Of course it rained the next day and all was for naught. But for a couple hours it looked perfect!

Hope you have been able to get out and enjoy some of the last nice days before fall really kicks in!


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