Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandparent's Day

Yesterday was Mr. E's Grandparent's Day Celebration at school.  He was fortunate to have three of his four grandparents in attendance. 

The kids were so cute as they marched in and up on the stage.  Mr. E is the tallest, and oldest in his class, and it is cute to see his head sticking out from all the rest!  The kids did a great job singing several songs.  I had only heard Mr. E sing one.  He clams up about what they do at school.  I had no idea he knew the Pledge of Alegiance until he blurted it out randomly this summer.  When I asked him how he learned it, he responded, " We say it everyday at school."  I was shocked and excited. 

Here is Mr. E with my parents, a.k.a. MiMi and Papa.  We took a picture with Miss C added to the mix, but she wasn't cooperating.  She just clung to my Mom's leg and wouldn't look at the camera, so we settled on this one instead.  

This is Mr. E with the Hubby's Mom, a.k.a. Grammy.  She watches my kids on Mondays so she was able to come too!  Grampy had to work, but Mr. E was fine with it, he was glad to have Grammy! 
Grammy also brought baby K with her. That is my youngest niece. She will be 2 in November, so can't call her baby K for much longer. Baby K got so excited to see Mr. E, she calls him Buba just like Miss C!  Afterwards we all went out for lunch.  Mr. E and Miss C had fun playing with their cousin and the other kids from school who happened to venture to the same fast food establishment. 

I am so thankful for my Grandparents ( I still have 2 of my grandparents) and the influence they had, and still have on my life.  I am also thankful for my parents and my husbands parents and the active part they have in my children's lives.  My kiddos love them so much!  They are awesome caretakers and spoilers of my children and I couldn't ask for anyone else to do the job better!

Happy  (late) Grandparents Day!

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