Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer travels

I think I mentioned That the hubby and I took a couple little trips this summer.

Our last trip was to Wisconsin to visit some friends. These friends you used to live in our town, and the hubby and J used to work together. Two years ago our friends moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family, they are originally from northern WI.

Now we take road trips to visit. This is the third summer I have gotten to go hang out with our friends. They live near Milwaukee, and we go to the Milwaukee Irish Festival every August. This year the hubby got to come too, so we made a nice long weekend of it.

We went to the Milwaukee zoo and had a lot of fun!

I had a blast taking pictures of the animals! I took this picture of a hippo. I felt kinda sorry for her. She kept swimming in the same circle the entire time I watched her. I bet she gets really board!!

I took this picture of a gorilla and sent to Mr. E. I told him I saw his Papa(my Dad) sleeping at the zoo. He got a kick out of that and still laughs about it!

The guys decided to sit down and take a break for a minute. Don't you just love those chairs?

When we got the guys up and moving again we ran into some pretty strange camels.

All of the camels had droopy humps! We thought it might be due to the lack of water stored in the humps. There is a place with water for them to drink whenever they want, thus eliminating the need to store water. Either that or they're like whales whose fins arch over because they are in captivity. Anybody know the real answer? If so, I'd love to know!

We moved on yet again. This time to the giraffes. I love this picture!

We also stopped by the bird house. Warning...it REALLY stinks in there!!! Seriously take some coffee beans or some highly potent, yet pleasing, to counter act the putrid, make ya wanna barf smell of the bird house.

Once you get over the smell, or at least learn to hold your breath for long periods of time you can see some pretty birds. Here is a vary rare species of the make hubby bird. Check out the wing span on that guy.

After the zoo all four of us went to play laser tag. Us girls were dreading it. It turned out to be a LOT of fun! I wish we had a place to play closer to home. Definitely got our workout in!

We ended our day with a stop at Lake Michigan. It was a very pretty little beach we stopped at, but once again it didn't smell very good. I accused my friends of taking us to all the stinky places! I had a good time cooling off in the water. The water was alot cooler and clearer than I expected.

Here I am picking up rocks. The hubby made fun of me,bur they were pretty!! I told him about some of the crafty things I wanted to do with my rocks!

Right now they are in a glass. I need to find a vase to put them in so I can gaze upon their uniqueness anytime I want.

We had a very fun time in WI! As always it was fun just hanging out with good friends! We miss them a lot, but now we get fun trips by going to visit!

Happy Day!

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  1. Zoo looks great.. I didn't go anywhere this summer :(


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