Friday, September 9, 2011

Things to Try Thursday on a Friday- Bermuda Shorts

Okay, another clothes refashion, hope you don't mind too bad.

I have a pair of denim Bermuda shorts that I bought last year at Target, but when I put them on they loom like "Mom" shorts. I know I am a mom, thus all my shorts are mom shorts, but these just don't look like what I would like them to.

On one of my Good will shopping visits I went specifically to look for wide, straight leg jeans. In other words a pair of jeans that were as wide at the thigh as they were at the hem.

I lucked up and found a pair that fit me! This was made easier because length didn't matter. I have ling legs, so buying jeans can be a bit complicated.

Originally I was gonna wack the jeans of and hem them myself, but I found this great tutorial for altering the hem of jeans over at Make It and Love It.

So, that's what I did for my shorts. They still have the professional Jean hem, which let's face it is a hard thing to duplicate.

Here is my final product. I have enjoyed wearing these shorts in the hot smoldery weather that we called summer. If the temps don't rise, I may have worn my new shirts for the last time this year :(.

If you have jeans to alter, this is definitely a tutorial to check out!

Happy sewing!


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