Sunday, February 28, 2010

I WON!!!!

I, like some of you, have been keeping myself busy by entering just about every blog giveaway I can find. I figure I can always use something free...can't you? The other day I was checking out Made by Lex...she does the most fabulous refashion work!!!! I wish I was that talented.
Anyway, Lex was having a giveaway for a Mommy and Me Messenger Bag. She was giving away 2 patterns and this cute bag..

And I won the bag!!!

I am soooo excited because it came in the mail the other day!! Hum, what should I put in it first...then where should I go to show it off.
Good luck to all of you entering giveaways, may you be as lucky as me and win some really cool loot.

Shamrock Bliss

I have been busy with Shamrocks lately.

I made this...cute Shamrock towel for my Secret Pal at Church.

I used a plain white tea towel I found at the Dollar Tree, some green fleece cut into shamrocks, and crochet thread.

I just stitched the shamrocks onto the towel with the crochet thread. I like the neat outline the white thread adds to the green fleece.

I made a St. Patty's Day shirt for Missy Priss, and a hair clip to match.

I don't want her to be getting pinched...unless it is to say how cute her little cheeks are.

Have a LUCKY day!!


Repurposed Pitcher

I have shown you a couple of pictures of two of my cracked pitchers with flowers in them. Those flowers have now since passed on to a better place. I decided I wanted a more perminant resident in these pitchers and thought I would repot some of my house plants.

This is a picture of a basket full of plants that I received from my coworkers in OH as a going away present almost 6 years ago. I am not a green thumb, and the only reason some of these plants has survived 4 moves and our existing home is because of my loving husband. He waters all of the house plants. I think that is a great compromise...I water the kids, he waters the plants. At least I take care of the import stuff...our kiddos.

Anyway, some of the smaller plants in the basket died and the Peace Lily has really started taking over the rest of the basket. I thought it would be better to put the peace lily by itself, and then group the rest together in their own pot.

Here is the pitcher half filled with dirt from the previous inhabitant.

Next I gave the Lily a new home and filled the pitcher up with dirt. And...I gave it some water. I wanted to get off on a fresh start.

Here is the final product sitting on my cabinet next to the window...catching a few rays of sun.
I really like the look the plant has in the pitcher...a great way to repurpose a broken pticher that I wasn't ready to get rid of.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School Days

Well, I have been substituting at two of the local high schools in my area the past two days, and WOW I have forgotten what it was like to get up early in the morning.

While staying home with my two kiddos I have grow accustomed to sleeping in until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning and taking my time getting ready. I have my own routine for the day that invovles coffee, feeding my kiddos, checking blogs I follow, playing with kiddos, putting Missy Priss Down for a nap, and so on until it is time to put the kiddos to bed at 9:00. I usually stay up reading until 11:30 or 12:00 and then fall asleep just the repeat the process the next day. Every day has the same pattern, except for Sunday.

Well here it is at 10:30 and I am about to fall asleep typing. While subbing (sp? is that even a real word of just slang...hum, wonder if I should know that since I am now a sub....) I have been getting up early to get ready and out the door and to school in time to figure out where I am going and what I am supposed to be doing.

On Monday I went to the high school where I was supposed to be a floater. Basically it was like starting your first day of high school in a new school. I changed classes just like the kids did. I had no idea where I was going...even with the map provided by the office. I knew the room numbers were in the 300 range. One would think that would mean third floor...well that's what I thought it ment. So I have no idea were the steps are and in the process of hunting for said steps I find the elevator. So I hop on it with a couple other teacher and a student (who turns out to be a kid I used to babysit on occasion). When I get on the elevator I notice there are buttons for the 1st and 2nd floor...okay I am thinking what kind of shcool is this that doesn't have the elevator go to the third floor??????

Well when I get off the eleveator I asked one of the teachers where the stairs were...becasue I needed to go to the 3rd floor. I am so glad I asked a teacher and not student. There is no 3rd floor. The 1st floor has 100 and 200 range room numbers. This is school and they supposed to know how to count...and number things correctly?

Anyway, the day went well until lunch rolled around....I didn't know where the teachers ate, or if they stood in line with the students so I just skipped out. I was very intimidated by a massive room full of high school kids, none of which I knew, whe were sitting at tables eating. There was no way I was gonna stand in the food line...for who knows what they were serving that day...and try and find an empty seat among people 10-15 years younger than me and eat. So I headed to my car to read for a bit.

When the day was done it was time for me to go home...well some time yesterday I finally made it home. Traffic around that high school was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I waited 5 minutes just to be able to pull out of the parking space to get in the line to leave the parking lot...then there were a series of lights to navigate before I could hit the open road.

So hear I am at the end of day two of subbing and I am completely worn out and ready to go to bed. Those clothes in the dryer can be folded tomorrow...I know they don't mind to wait.

Hope you have a great one!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playing in the Tent

The other day Pookie decided he wanted to build a tent. So I positioned some chairs and blankets together and viola!! A tent was born.

Then Pookie proceeded to get tons of his toys and fill said tent. I was afraid he wasn't gonna fit in the tent because of all the toys. Alas he managed and their was even left over space for Missy Priss.

Pookie enjoyed reading a book or two and Missy Priss decided to play peak-a-boo with me.

All in all the novelty of the tent didn't last long, but much fun was had in its short life span. Maybe in a couple of months we can set up the real thing outside, but that will require some major warming. It has been in the upper 20's to mid 30's for toooooooo long!!

Have a great one!


T-Shirt Redo

This may not really count as a redo, but I did a little updating to a red shirt I got at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. I have several red shirts in my t-shirt arsonal and I wanted to make this one a little different.

I started with a plain red t-shirt and an old black tank top.

I a strip off the tank top and folded it in half and ironed it. Then I sewed the edges together. Next, I pinned the black fabric around the neck of my red t-shirt. The fabric was too long so I cut the excess off and sewed the two ends together. Finally, I sewed the fabric to the neck of my shirt.

This is the result.

I like how the new neckline stand out a little from my neck and chest. The t-shirt is a little shorter than I would like for it to be. I tried to add fabric to the bottem of the shirt for a layered t-shirt look, but the tank top fabric wasn't wide enough to fit the bottom of my red shirt and I didn't have enough left to make two panels to attach. So, I will have to really wear a tank top biggie it just keeps me warmer.

Happy Weekend to all!


My New Donkey

We have quite the minagere going on at our little homestead. We have 5 cows, 7 goats (we just sold 2), a cat, and the newest member is a minature donkey.

I have picked the perfect name for our donkey...drum roll please...Jack!!! I know, I know such an original name. He is just so darn cute. I just want to hold him and squeeze him and love him forever. (I promise I am not like that freaky kid from the Luney Tunes who hugs her animals until the eyes pop out)

Here are some cute pics of Jack...

I was trying to hold onto Missy Priss, Jack , and take a picture at the same time all so you could see that he is the perfect size for the kiddos to ride on. Miss Priss was so excited while sitting atop her noble stead...well her noble donkey.
I grew up around horses and we still have lots of equine equipment. One item in particular will be getting a lot of use this summer-my baby saddle. I can't wait to lead both of the kiddos around this summer. I wish Jack was a little bigger so I could get in a couple of laps around the field too.

I will be posting more pictures of our new friend in the coming months!!

Have a great day!!


More Snow!!!

Okay...I never would have believed I wouldn't want anymore snow. Like I have mentioned earlier we don't get that much snow in KY, especially southern KY. Lately we have gotten several inches of snow at a time. It hangs around long enough for school to be cancelled for three to four days in a row. Those poor kids won't get a summer break, just an extension on their winter break.

Albeit the school cancelations don't really pertain to my family since my kiddos aren't old enough for school yet, but it does lots of my friends who teach and have elementary age kids. The family and I have had fun playing in the snow, but I am ready for spring. My husband bought me a beautiful spring flower arrangement for Valentine's Day.

My spirits get lifted everytime I smell that sweet aroma...then I look outside and see white snow. I realize it will be several more weeks of winter around here...does that mean the ground hog could have taken the day off a while back??? hum, just food for thought.

Have a great one!!