Friday, September 30, 2011

More Wristlets!

I showed you a while back the wristlet I made for one of my friends birthday using the tutorial by From an Igloo.

Well I made four more! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of three of them :(

The one I am gonna show you today is one I made for another friend. We were out and about and we needed some random items, which I had on hand. My friend was awed that I had such random stuff with me.

I decided to make a wristlet for her so she can have a little random bag too! I need to fill it with band aids, hand sanitizer, a little fold up brush, Kleenex, eye drops, spray ointment, and anything else a mom might need. I know that could include everything but the kitchen sink.

Her diaper bag is red and white, so I used some left over scraps and came up with this...

These are just so easy to make. I really need one for myself. Maybe eventually that will be something else I can check of my to make list!

Happy sewing!

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