Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Wow here it is again, another week of what I wore.  The week didn't start off very warm, and I just wanted to wear comfy clothes so not so much getting dressed and planning of outfits this week.

Wednesday,  I spent the day getting my kids old clothes together to sell at a consignment sale.  Then when I went to enter my inventory to print my sales tags, I realized I had to have all that done the day before.  So, all that pinning and finger pain for nothing.  Oh well, at least all the clothes are on hangers and it is that much easier to take them to a real consignment sale.

 Thursday, I volunteered to work getting stuff ready for the consignment sale I wanted to enter my clothes in.  Then I got to shop early for fall/winter clothes for my kids.  I racked up.  I will be sharing all the goodies I found later this week.
 Friday, the hubby left to go camping and the kiddos and I hung out at the house after Mr. E went to school.  We had some yummy supper with my parents!!
 Saturday,  we went to one of my parents auctions (my family has a real estate business).  The sale was for some family friends who were moving from the country to a retirement community in town.  We ended the day playing with the cousins and celebrating my nieces 8th birthday.  We had tons of fun!  And we got to eat ice cream cake.
 Sunday, we remembered 9/11 by dressing patriotically.  Mr. E didn't really want to wear his red, white, and blue shirt so I had to give him the 4 year old version of what 9/11 was and why we wanted to remember all the people who lost their lives on that tragic day.

 Monday, took Mr. E to school and then went back for his Grandparent's Day program.  We all had lunch with my Mom and the Hubby's Mom.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing homework.
Tuesday,  went to the gym and then came home and got ready for lunch with one of my best friends and her precious baby girl.  The kiddos had a fun time playing with precious baby girl while my friend and I got to chat.  Love those situations!!
I guess that is it for this week. Go check out what everyone else has been wearing over at The Pleated Poppy!

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