Friday, August 19, 2011

Where in the world is...

NOT Carmen San Diego, but Amy!

Sorry 90's tv throw back!

Okay, so last week my hubby took me to the Drum Corp International Championships. It was my birthday present!

For my fellow band geeks, we had awesome seats! We set in the 7th row on the 45 yard line. It was so fun watching all of the Drum Major salutes up close and personal. It was also interesting to see the color guard uniforms. They were all so different and unique. Some more different than others b

Not the best picture, but here we are!

The next night we didn't have such close seats. But when it comes to band competitions being far away can be a good thing. We got to see all the formations and general marching effect this night.

It was cool to see all the bands march in for the awards ceremony. Here are all 12 of the finalists.

This brings back so many memories from my high school band days! One of the bands even performed some of the same music we did! The English Folk Song Suite. I promised my husband I wouldn't embarrass him by directing!

It was a nice little get away for us, and a wonderful birthday present!

Thanks honey!!


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  1. What an awesome guy. Yay to Ben for planning a fun birthday present AND going with you. Heath might have bought me tickets to go, but NEVER went with me. Happy birthday, Amy (late)!


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