Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things to Try Thursday-Fly Bags

I know, catchy title right?

Well flies are a problem at my house. Fortunately not inside the house, but outside.

Let me explain. We have cows. Explanation done!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the bovine species, well any mammal beside human (most humans), they live outside and attract flies. Even though my husband diligently sprays the cattle for flies there is still a large majority that hang out near the cows. I think you can figure out why!

Anyway, the flies decided my back porch is a cool, awesome, marvelous hangout! And for some reason believed that it was their own personal outhouse, minus the door with the moon cutout.

I am sick and tired of having little black specs all over EVERYTHING that is outside!! These specs have been left courtesy of the flies.

I searched online for ways to get rid of flies. There are some very useful tips for keeping flies away from outdoor gathers, but I needed a more permanent solution.

We have tried a similar solution in the past, fly bags.

I found significant hard core research, okay a you tube video of a guy and a kid. They explained the the water in ziploc bags makes the flies look bigger, and they think it is a scary bug and fly away. Makes since, but not sure how they really know. Anyway, if you wanna get rid of flies from an outside area here is how ya do it.

Take a wire hanger and separate the top.

Using wire cutters, cut the hanger in three pieces.

Fill a ziploc bag with water. Add a penny. The copper has something to do with this equation, I'm just not sure what! Guy didn't explain this to the kid in the you tube video!

Now take one end of the hanger and punch through the top of the ziploc bag. make sure both ends of the hanger are curved. This keeps the bag on the hanger, and the hanger on what ever you choose to hang it from.

Now hang these suckers up!

I have a large back porch, it is the full length of our ranch style home, so I used twelve fly bags. I really have noticed a difference in the flies. Now if it will only cool down a bit so we can enjoy our fly free space!

Happy Fly Chasing!


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