Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So this week I didn't do so good with the pictures. I was out of town and just didn't document each outfit.

I know you are completely devastated :)

Here is what I did manage to pull together and record on film ( not really film, but you know what I mean).

Thursday I had my kids the majority of the day. That afternoon I dropped them of with my MIL. I headed out of town for the weekend with my hubby.

Friday, we left one hotel in one city just to go to another hotel in another city. This was the packing and getting ready to leave the first city.

The next two days we were enjoying ourselves at the Drum Corp International Championships. We had a blast!

We drove home on Sunday and picked up the kiddos from my Mom. I was shocked at the minimal crying at bashing of teeth from my two angels as I told them it was now time for them to come home. I truly believe my kids would leave me in a heart beat to go live with my Mother!

Monday was spent running errands and taking Mr. E to his pre-school open house.

Tuesday I didn't get a picture because I spent the entire day in gym clothes. Rightfully so since I went to the gym twice! I also packed for another trip this weekend!

Something I realized last week was that my armpit is in every photo. Sorry for making you all gaze upon the underside of my arm all the time, come this fall it will definitely be covered up and your eyes will get a break!

Happy Wardrobe Raiding!


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