Friday, August 12, 2011

Thrift Find Friday- Belvah Purse

The other day whole perusing my local Goodwill the other day I found a new purse.

I really like quilted purses, and this one just called out to me.

I love the color and the pattern. I like the purple and orange colors mixed together in the paisley pattern.

When I got home I decided to look up the brand name and see what I could find out about the purse.

Belvah makes quite a few quilted purses and diaper bags. Most of the bags are one color and a tote bag style. I like the hobo style of this bag. It actually holds a lot of stuff! From what I could tell this bag retails for around $30, and I got it at the bargain price of $3.

Happy Thrifting!


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  1. Cute purse! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm a new follower!


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