Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photography help from Kristen Duke

I have seen Kristen Duke's e-book Say No! to Auto on several different blogs.

About two months ago I decided to get the book and try it out! I got my Nikon D90 for Christmas, and could immediately see a difference in my photos. There is only so much a camera by itself could do.

I, like many other wanna be photographers, took most of my pictures on the auto setting. Like I said, even on auto my pictures were better. I did want to settle for better, I wanted to take great pictures.

I have found after reading Kristen'se-book that I understand more about the details that go into taking a good picture. Kristen does a GREAT job laying out what setting to use in virtually ever situation. The e-book also includes pictures as examples!

Kristen has just revised her e-book and made it even BETTER! You really need to check out this book! It would make a great gift for that novice photographer in your family!

When you order the e-book Kristen will send you an e-mail with a code so you can print the book, or take it and have it printed. I had mine printed and book bound at Office Depot. Now it has a nice home in my camera case so it is always with me!

If you have been thinking about getting this e-book, or wanting to know more about using manual settings you really need to buy this book! It is a GREAT resource!

Happy Shooting!


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