Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, here we go! Another week of What I Wore Wednesday from the Pleated Poppy. I love the idea of fashion accountability that this link party inspires! it is also a great place to find fashion inspiration from the other party members.

I did pretty good this week of taking photos. That in itself is an accomplishment. Legs face it, getting myself ready is one accomplishment, and finding the time to photograph what I've worn before someone gets something on me is another accomplishment!

Let's start with Thursday. We spent the morning with my Mom and Grandmother. That night I had a meeting at church. The kiddos and I stopped at McDonalds for supper. I was once again reminded why it isn't my favorite place! We didn't get what we ordered, the line was long, and the food really wasn't that great.

Friday, the hubby came home from what seemed to be a LONG week apart! The new job has kept him busy. We wen to a friends house for dinner. All four of us had a wonderful time with adult conversation for the hubby and I, and friends and toys for the kids!

My Grandmother gave me this little pin. It came with a top she bought, but she didn't use it. I would like to try and make one sometime, maybe five years from now. My to do list has gotten pretty long.

Saturday, we hung out at the house and the hubby helped me with a crafty endeavor. That night we went to my In-laws for my SIL's birthday dinner. It had been a while since my kids had seen there cousins! Between vacations and sick kids in both families it had been almost a month since they got to play together.

Sunday, was an eventful day for us. We went to out church for Sunday School, and then drove 45 minutes to my parents church for lunch and a singing. Here is Miss C with me, she was a little preoccupied at the time.

Monday, I started my day by going to the gym! Then I was totally pooped the rest of the day. We ended up running to the grocery store and I was able to squeeze in some crafty time!

Tuesday, we had a play date with one of my friends and her daughter. School started today and her oldest started Kindergarden. It was weird for her to be her with only one child. All three kids had a good time playing, and it was nice for me to chat for a while! After lunch the kiddos and I ran some errands. One of the ladies I used to work with is moving back to Spain in a couple of weeks. I am not gonna be able to attend her going away party, so we went to tell her goodbye! I told her we would have to come visit in Spain!

Today, we hung out at the house and played. The kiddos have been playing together all day, with minimal crying! It has been awesome! Tonight we have Bible Study at church and I get to teach the little kids!

Another week down, let's hope I van continue next week!


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  1. I love your teal sweater with the precious flower pin - so pretty. Also love the paisley tank. It's such a great pattern and very flattering.


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