Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Reunion

Sunday I went to my family reunion.

It is always been the last Sunday in July. This was one of my favorite weekends of the summer when I was goring up. My Mother's family would come into town from various states and we would make a weekend of it.

Saturday nights would consist of my Mom's aunts, uncles, and cousins coming to our house for supper. Sometimes a couple would stay with us instead of getting a hotel room.

Then Sunday was the actual reunion with My Grandfather's cousins and relatives. As a child I remember there being lots of people in attendance. We would have these reunions at my Great Uncle's house and there would be tons of food. Around dusk we would bring out the ice cream makers and make some nice cold homemade ice cream.

Times have changed and many of the reunion participants have passed away, or grown up and moved far away. It is sad to see the dwindling of our gathering, but I am thankful for the time and enjoyment I have had with my family. We have constructed a Family tree complete with tidbits about the family members. I value this information and hope one day to teach my children about their fore fathers and the things they accomplished in their lives.

I look forward to many more years of meeting with my family and the many things I can continue to learn from them.

Here is my Mom and Four of her cousins! She is the one in the middle.

Here is to families!

Happy Sunday.


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  1. My husbands family always has one at the beginning of August. It's nice to see everyone and eat well ;)


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