Tuesday, June 21, 2011

T-ball Time

Last month Mr. E started t-ball.  We had so much rain that the boys only had two practices before their first game.  Needless to say they were a little confused on what to do.

Here is Mr. E before the first game.  Can I just say whoever thought white pants for an outdoor sport was a good idea is CRAZY!!!!!

A little pre-game practice and warm-up.  The team colors are purple and white.  I guess since they put boys in purple they would give them a snake for a mascot.  I HATE SNAKES!!!  Why couldn't we be some sort of dog or wolf?  How about a Dinosaur?  They are ferocious...well at least in the movies.

The cheering section.  Miss C with one of the 3 cousins!  She is also a t-ball player!!

Mr. E got to go shake hands with the other team as they determined who got to bat first.

This is my favorite picture.  While the adults are talking shop Mr. E and the other little boy get down to business.  I can just hear the conversation. 

"So how old are you? "
"Four...me too, but I am almost five!  "

Now is when the real entertainment started.  Mr. E was the first to bat.

After hitting the ball he took off running....straight to the pitcher's mound.  It was quite humerus.  One of the parents was kind enough to set him back on the right course.

Here he is after his first run.  Can you tell he is proud of himself? 

I am sure this is the beginning of many more summer sporting events.  I hope he always has such a happy face! 

Happy Game Going!

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