Monday, June 13, 2011

Makin' It Monday-Swimsuit Refashion

It is that time of year...swimsuit season!!

One of my friends found a really cool bathing suit on sale at Old Navy, the only problem was that it was too low cut for her taste.  She is a lactating Momma, so she is still quite voluptuous, and wanted to stay modest. 

She asked me if I could help her come up with a solution to cover her cleavage. 

I searched on line and sent her some inspirational pics. 

After searching our local Goodwill she found a hideous bathing suit.  It was an old lady bathing suit with a skirt attached.  We were able to cut the skirt off and use a small portion to fill in the cleavage area.

Here is the final product. 

It think it looks pretty good.  The addition is a pretty good match for the original material, so it doesn't look like it was just patched together. 

I hand stitched the addition to the lining of the swim suit.  This gave the suit a more finished look.  The stitches are on the inside of the suit, and not showing on the outside.

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  1. Hello flip flop exchange buddy! :)

    My lactating boobies may need your help getting covered as well! hahaha ;) Match made in bloggy heaven! :)


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