Thursday, June 9, 2011

On a Sunday afternoon

We had a fun and interesting afternoon on Sunday.

After church we raced home to avoid a thunderstorm. We got home just as the storm hit. We rushed inside and quickly changed clothes. I was just getting ready to fix lunch when the power went out.

We ended up having a lunchable, pop tarts, and cheese rice cakes.
( sorry these are with my eye phone in the dark with the assistance of a mini flashlight)

I wasn't planning on having anything fancy, but a little fancier than that.

Once the storm was over and we ascended from the basement we assessed the damage.

We lost a big limb from one of our big trees.

Unfortunately this big limb is laying on some limbs in another big tree.

We spent Tuesday cutting down and haling limbs.

I tried to pull this broken limb down.  I am taking it as a compliment that I couldn't pull it down with my body weight.

The Hubby ended up cutting it down with a saw, the kiddos got really excited when the limb fell down!

I am so thankful this the worst that happened. I feel so bad for all of the recent storm victims, and continue to pray for them and the recovery they are going through.

Enjoy your blessings!!

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