Monday, June 27, 2011

Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange-Take 3

Last year I participated in the Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange over at The Texas Darlings.  This is such a fun gift exchange!!!!

Last year I got a cool pair of flip flops!!  Can't wait to see what my awesome BFFE, Jaclynn sent me. 

I decided to send Jaclynn a pair of Knot flip flops, an Amy version of the Knot Flip Flops!

I found these cool purple flip flops at Target.  I used some purple and green polka dot fabric for the straps. 

Instead of doing double knots, I just did a single knot.  I liked the more traditional flip flop look the single knot provided.

I also included some traditional Kentucky recipes for Jaclynn.  Kentucky Hot Browns, Kentucky Derby Pie, and a Mint Juleps.  What a better Kentucky dinner!!! 

I hope Jaclynn likes her flops as much as I do!!  I also added a little pair of flip flops for her little man.  We women aren't the only ones who need snazzy shoes to wear!!

Happy Summer!!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these flip flops and I have a friend who is obsessed with all things green and purple. Can you please post how you made these so I can make a pair for her birthday? Thank you so much!


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