Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday- Vintage Apron

We recently had a yard sale at my house.  In the process of getting ready for said yard sale I went through tons of stuff in my house. 

I happened to find this charming old apron in some of my stuff my Mom sent me from her house.

This is a hand stitched apron.  I think that my great aunt made this many moons ago.  I love that the stitched items are stuff found in the kitchen.  I especially like the mixing bowl.  I guess because I use mine so much, it reminds me of my cooking!

I think I am gonna add a "top" to the apron so that it covers more of my clothes while I cook. 

Here's to finding treasures in your own home!!!

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  1. I love this apron! The simplicity makes it so charming. And I love that you found it and gave it new life. That is the best thing about yard sales (and getting ready for yard sales)!


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