Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday-Water Slide

This past fall I spotted a COOL deal at my local Aldi's. 

This puppy was over 50% off the original summer price.  I snatched it up...well I grunted and groaned while struggling to lift it into my shopping cart.  Then I grunted and groaned some more while lifting it and shoving it in the back of my car.  I am sure everyone around me was amused at the sight!

Anyway we busted the water slide out the other day.  The kids had so much fun going down the slide and then spraying each other with the water canon.

At nap time the hubby and I played on it!!  And we had a lot of fun too.  There is a big slide that you crawl up top to go down.  Then there is a smaller slide that goes through the middle.  It is fun to run and slide through on your stomach!! 

This was definitely a great purchase!! 

Happy Summer!!

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