Saturday, April 17, 2010

Workin' My Fingers to the Bone

I've been working my fingers to the bone!!!  Not really, but i have been working on several projects lately and I look forward to sharing them with you starting next week.  It seems like everybody has a formula for their weekly blog I will try an hop on that wagon.

Weekly run down:

Makin' it Monday-tutorial of something craft I have made in the past week.
What's for Dinner Wednesday-scrum shish dish for you to try.
Things to try Thursday-cool stuff from blogland that I want to try my hand at.

I figure this is a good place to start, with two little kiddos running around we will see how this all pans out.  Wish me Luck!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I am still coming up with a formula. Every time I do, I find a new party to join...and it messes me up...oh yeah and then life gets in the way!


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