Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Craft Room

Maybe I should say my craft closet.

In our basement we have some awesome storage. One of these storage spaces is located under our stairs.

About a year agony hubby transformed this space from regular storage into my craft room. He was soooo sweet he did it as a surprise for me one weekend I was out of town!!

When you enter my room my sewing machine is on the left. It sits on a desktop along with my Cricut.

I also have a cute little chair pin cushion I picked up at a yard sale, and a large mug that I use as a scrap trash can.

The plaques on the wall are from my band and 4-H days. There is also my college alma matter's red towel hanging from the top bar. I also have my ribbon stored on hangers up there too.

The caddy under the desk hold different crafting odds and ends.

As you look to the right you find my fabric storage cabinet.

On top you will see my glass bottle collection. It has proven to be hazardous to my health. The other day a bottle fell on my head while I was digging out some fabric. I had a nice bump on the top of my head for a couple of days.

In the back if the closet is my wreath collection. It is nice to have a space to hang them.

There is also another set of drawers. These hold knitting supplies, some of my scrapbook embellishments, and my kids art supplies.

As you turn the corner under the stairs is my gift section. The top shelf houses my purchased gifts. There is also my gift wrapping/ bagging storage area.

The bottom holds some extra craft supplies and some

It is so nice to have all of my craft stuff in one spot. And close to my finger tips when I need them.

The down fall of this room is that it has the tendency to be a storage cram spot when people come over to visit. I spent several hours the other day reorganizing and cleaning it up. I don't want this space to get into the cluttered state that it has in the past.

Here's to useful, clean craft spaces!!

Do you have a craft room, closet, cabinet? If so I would love to hear how you have yours set up!


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