Monday, July 11, 2011

Makin' It Monday-Swimsuit Refashion Part 3

I hope you don't think I am beating a dead horse with my swimsuit refashions.

Anyway, I took the skirt off that old ugly swimsuit and made a new cover-up.

I started by measuring my waist and pinning the skirt together to so that it was the correct length around.  Since I had cut the skirt up to use in other projects I needed to add an extra seam down the front.

Just like with the bottoms I made I needed to sew a casing (1/4 in) to put in the elastic waist. 

I used the same procedure as the bottoms by turning the top over and pinning in place.  I cut the elastic to the same length as the waistband of the bottoms. 

After sewing the casing I ripped out the side seam and started feeding the elastic through.

Once the elastic was all the way around, and the skirt waist smoothed I sewed the ends of the elastic together securely.

Smooth the elastic into the waist and then sew up the side seam and you have yourself a new swimsuit cover-up.

And to think I have one of these that I paid full price for at a Department store.  This one works just as well and was only fractions of the price!

Who new you could do so much with one thrifted swimsuit!!

Happy Sewing!!

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