Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I've Been Wearing

My, my, we go...what I've been wearing! 

On Thursday it was life as usual around here.
Top: from Goodwill
Shorts:  Target
On Friday we worked outside and then cooled off and played inside!

Top: Western Kentucky University
Shorts: Reebok from TJMaxx
On Saturday we went to an estate sale that my family was auctioning off.  Mr. E saw a guitar that he wanted, but fortunately it went for more than we wanted to our ear drums have been saved for a while!

Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: I made
Sunday we went to church and then came home to lunch which Miss C wouldn't touch!  I cooked supper and they wouldn't touch that either...thus ensued an eventful evening!!

I bought this outfit at TJMaxx before I got married 7 years ago.
Monday we went to Mr. E's preschool open house.  I can't believe he is old enough to leave me and spend part of the day having tons of fun with a bunch of other little boys and girls! 

Top: St. John's Bay, from Goodwill
Shorts: Target

Here is what Mr. E wore!  he loves jeans...and if he has to wear them, jean shorts.  I am being serious!  It is like pulling teeth to get him to dress up for church. 
Tuesday is Mr. E's 1st day of PRESCHOOL!!!  I had to take a quick picture of him too.  Doesn't he look handsome!! 
Here is what I wore.
Top: Banana Republic, from Goodwill
Shorts: Target
Accessories came from a now closed boutique in my town.  I just love the wood pendant.  I have a bracelet and earrings to match, thanks to my SIL and hubby!!

Wednesday I was crazy and went for almost a 4 mile was 93 degrees outside!  I had to stop and rest a couple of times on the way home because it was just tooo hot!!!  Miss C was with me and she was sweating up a storm just ridding in the stroller.  After coming home and taking a nice cool shower we headed out to go grocery shopping!  I would just like to say, I LOVE AIR CONDITIONING!!!!  I don't know how people used to work in this heat when they didn't have cool places to go afterward and try to recuperate.

Top: Target
Skirt: Gap from Goodwill



  1. You look great! Love the preschool picture.


  2. Love that last Gap skirt-super flattering on you!


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