Friday, August 20, 2010

Frugal Friday-Children's Books

I have many addictions.  Thrift Stores is one of them.  One of my addictions while at Thrift Stores are Children's books.  This is one of Mr. E's addictions.  I guess I learned it by watching him...(on a side note, does anyone remember those commercials from the 90's..."I learned it by watching you", sorry for the attempt a humor). 

Whenever we go to one Thrift Store in our town Mr. E always rushes to the back of the store to the bookshelves.  He would spend all day there if I would let him.  I have to limit him to one book.  The books are only $1.00, so it is hard for me to say "no". 

Lately while at Goodwill Mr. E has discovered their bookshelves and has been picking out $0.50 books.  Once again, hard to say "no". 

We have to stop on the book buying spree, he is proof of this...

This is the bookshelf in Mr. E's room. 
Each shelf is crammed with books.

Even on the side of the bookshelf.  These are the books that are too tall for the book shelf.

Pretty bad huh?  I don't think we can fit even one more tiny paperback on these shelves!!!

Here are the books we have gotten at garage sales, thrift stores, and Goodwill in the past couple of months.

Yep, there are 40 books here...and then this beauty.

My Grandmother found this book for Mr. E at a yard is really old...has that old book smell.  But this is such a great book...Mr. E loves it all ready.

Mr. E is almost four and he LOVES books!!  I know it is hard to tell by looking at all these books, but he can spend hours looking through them and studying the pictures.  I can't wait for him to learn how to read.  It will change him forever!  In a good way of course. 

So do you or your kids like to read?  I didn't start to enjoy reading until a couple of years ago when I discovered I could read things besides text books. 



  1. Hi Amy! Looks like we have the same obsession! We have sooo many books that we bought the biggest book case we could find at IKEA and that doesn't even begin to handle the load. We have three kids and each one has a book case and of course I have one of my own. We have been reading together since my daughter (who is 8) was a newborn!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  2. Me too!! Here is a catalog and pictures of many of our books four years ago ( Your photos remind me of the photos I took for that post.

    I am particularly smitten with Golden Books and have a small collection of them downstairs in my craft room that are mine - of course my youngest likes them the best.

    I've filled three more bookshelves since the post in 2006 and another one arrived in the mail today (Thanks CSN).

    I will not look at books in the bookstore anymore. I won't, I won't, I won't.

  3. I should mention. I read to my children daily from six weeks on. I also kept journals for htem that they dictated to me. My children weren't early readers but once they got to reading...Wow. My oldest (nine in two weeks) has read lots of full length chapter books this summer including classics like Black Beauty and The Secret Garden.

  4. I am absolutely obsessed with books! I am an avid collector my poor children will just have to follow suit too!!

  5. We have a collection that looks like that and then some. We love to read and I love to thrift, so our book collection is quite extensive thanks to some store around here. I try to buy books for now and books for later. Depending on what gems are there. I grab up anything from bright and early beginner Suess to books like Harriet the Spy (One of my all time favourites.) But right now Wednesday loves Arthur books and How Do Dinosaurs? series by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. So pretty to look at and wonderful to read.

  6. Oh, YES! I can relate to this. I have a similar addiction. All but my youngest of children can now read and they have the same addiction. The book cases, bedroom closet shelves, and playroom toy shelves all have books. (We fit ours between the wall and book shelf, just like you!) It is a WONDERFUL thing! I doubt I'll ever get rid of them, though I may donate some of them to a school once my children all out-grow them.


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