Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Favorite Hair Tool

My old flat iron gave up the ghost about a year and a half ago. I am really not that big on fixing my hair. Mainly because it doesn't do a whole lot, and I know how to make it do even less.

My hair isn't really straight, and by no means is it curly. It just has a nappy wave to it if I let it dry on it's own. Oh and did I mention that it is thick and super fine?

This combination has lead me to the easiest way to fix my hair. Straighten it with a flat iron.

Like I said I am not much on fixing my hair, so I am also not big in paying a lot if money for hair products/tools. Actually I hate getting ready because I hate fixing my hair. I hate the drying and the straightening. It just takes forever!!

Some of my friends aware by their Chi flat irons, but I could find so many other uses for $100.

When I found this Remington Wet2Dry flat iron I HAD to try it!

It is killing two birds with one stone. I always do my hair last. So my hair has some time to air dry before I fix it. The wet aspect allows me to iron my hair straight while it is sill wet. AND it dries my hair in the process. I Love this tool.

I will warn you if you straighten your hair while it is wet there will be steam. Mr.E was watching me fix my hair one day and got concerned because he thought my hair was on fire because he saw smoke.

Here is me trying to take an action shot, it didn't work out to well. But this flat iron does!!

Happy hair doing!!


  1. Finally somebody with my same hair problem. I have baby fine hair, but a boat load of it. I need to try this, thanks for the post.

  2. wow great idea for hair problem . amazing your this post and nice article use . thanks for nice sharing


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