Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Child Labor

The Hubby and I have joked about having kids just so they will do all the chores. I mean if you got 'em you might as well use 'em, right.

Well Monday is laundry day in my house. What a better way to make Monday even worse!

I can't complain too much because we only have to do laundry once a week around here. That ain't to bad for a family of four. I have heard stories of multiple laundry day, I choose to get it all done at once.

Mr.E likes to help sort the clean cloths. He isn't big enough to help fold yet, but sorting is a nice help. He throws the clothes into each person's pile.

Then he delivers the piles to each person's room. From there I fold or hang up the clothes.

I think this is a good way to get Mr.E used to helping out and having a job that he is responsible for. I want both of my kids to learn responsibility and that it is important to help others.

I also require Mr.E to put his dishes in the dishwasher when he is finished eating he is pretty good at asking if the dishes are dirty before putting his in the dishwasher.

So, those of you with kids...or an opinion, what are your feelings about chores?

At age four should I be requesting Mr.E do more, and how insistent should I be when he doesn't want to help out?

Happy laundry day and thanks for any input you may want to pass along!

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  1. I was just googling "age appropriate chores" the other day. I was kind of surprised at what the experts said....I think I should be giving my kids more.


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