Friday, January 7, 2011

Car Neck Pillows

Mr. E started asking for me to sew something for him a couple of days before Christmas.  I was trying to wrap up several of my homemade presents and I didn't really have time to make something for him.  Way to make Momma feel guilty!!  I have had several things that I wanted to make for both Mr. E and Miss C, but Mr. E was wanting everything in sight for Christmas so we went for store bought gifts for the kiddos. 

We are going on a little weekend excursion, and I used this as an excuse to make some car neck pillows for the kiddos.  I first saw these over at Crystal's Craft Spot, almost a year ago (where has the time gone??).  I asked for the template she used, and Crystal was kind enough to share it with me.  If you wanna make one of these I am sure she will be just as generous!! 

We went to Hobby Lobby and I let the kiddos pick out the fabric they wanted to use.  This was a little daunting with Mr. E.   He wanted to make his pillow out of John Deere, Race Car, Thomas the Train, and Digger material.  He didn't understand he only got to pick ONE pattern.  He finally decided on the Thomas fabric.  I found a cute little bird fabric that Miss C approved of and with that we were off.

Here are the finished pillows.  I hope this helps with the car ride tomorrow.  I know it will  help with the taco neck the kids have while sleeping!!

Mr. E's pillow
 Miss C's pillow

 Works like a charm!

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