Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I Wore

I have seen several of the bloggers I follow linking up what they have been wearing each week.  Well, I thought I would give it a try this week...only three days, I got a late start. 

I will admit that knowing I would be putting my outfits on line has made me more conscious of what I am wearing.  I admit that I haven't done this sooner because I spend way too much time in my pj's.  I don't think ya'll really want to see here is what I have been wearing.


Top: Express (from way too long ago)
Jeans: Guess (from TJMaxx)
Flip Flops: Target
My Mom had the kiddos so I had some free time (not really) to run some errands.  I am in the process of finishing a summer online class and I had to run to the library to look up some sources.  And, no this is not the fun library...this is the campus library full of old must books, and where the temperature is cooler outside than inside.  I really do feel sorry for those librarians, they should let them wear tank tops in the summer.


Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: Reebok
Flip Flops: Target
We went to the HH Gregg to pick up our new washing machine and then hung out at the house.  The kiddos played while I continued to work on my final paper. 


Top and Shorts:  Old Navy
Flip Flops:  Target
We went to the last free movie of the summer at our local movie theatre with some friends.  We say "Hotel for Dogs".  We have seen it before, but the kids really seemed to enjoy it...and the grown ups too.

I guess that is it for this episode of what I wore...hopefully next week I can keep up the habit of photographing myself. 

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Welcome to WIWW! It's been a good exercise for me. (That accountability thing works, doesn't it?)


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