Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday #2

Well, here we are again...Wednesday!!  I had so much fun last week letting you all see what I wore that I thought I would do it again.  Nothing spectacular in the line up...just a glimpse at my SAHM wardrobe. 
I have tons of dress clothes that get little use these days now that I am staying home.  I just can't bear to part with them...especially the pants. I have long legs and when I find pants that fit I generally wear them until they are all worn out.

Here is what I wore last Thursday.  The kids and I hung out at home and played.  We went to my in-laws for supper that evening.
Top: Target
Pants: B. Moss
Friday was another causal day.  My Mom and I went running around to some local Thrift Stores in the afternoon.  My parents had supper with us that evening.  My Dad bush hogged the lot across the road from our house...Mr. E got to ride in the of his favorite things to do!!
Top: Bowling Green Hot Rods
Pants:  B. Moss
Saturday the Hubby and I worked on cleaning our bedroom.  The kids spent the night with my Mom and Dad, so we had the morning to clean and run some errands.  We got a lot accomplished in just a few hours.
Top:  Give to my by some friends who live in Wisconsin
Shorts: Nike from TJMaxx
Sunday we went to Sunday School and then headed to my family reunion.  I changed into a pair of khaki shorts for the reunion...but still the same look.

Top: TJMaxx
Skirt: Gap , bought at Goodwill
I forgot to take a pic of Monday...but we didn't do anything special and it was another comfy lounge around outfit.
Tuesday I spent time playing with the kids in the basement (it is just too hot to play outside).  I also made the necklace I am wearing...tutorial to come soon. 
Top: Talbot's that I bought at Goodwill
Shorts: Target
Today the kiddos and I went outside to pick up some sticks from our front yard.  We were out for about an hour...whew it was hot.  We all came in and cooled off with showers.  We will be going to Bible Study at church this evening so I dressed up a little bit more than normal.  My necklace is from my Christmas in July partner.
Top: Banana Republic, bought at Goodwill
Skirt: Gap, bought at Goodwill

I guess I should be showcasing my Goodwill finds since I have been wearing a lot of them lately.  I have gotten some really cute stuff for the kiddos, the hubby, and me!!! 



  1. I love Goodwill, I find the very best treasures there. For fun me and a girl friend go visit a Goodwill in a upper-class larger city near us to get some really good pieces to add to our wardrobe and our home. Great for back to school time on a one income family budget!

  2. Lovin the 4th outfit. So cute!

  3. I love the Goodwill too! It's like a gambling addiction, I'm afraid something great will come in if I'm not there!! I've been blogging about my niece's back to school shopping at the G-Dub, come take a look!!


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