Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not so HOT

Well, it is definitely hot outside...I think this week is supposed to be the hottest week we have had all summer.  On the other hand, I think I have a cold or allergies.  I didn't think that you were supposed to get sick in the summer.  I thought this was my safe season of no sneazing, no runny nose, no coughing...guess I was wrong.  I have been feeling yucky since Friday night.  I haven't gotten any crafting done at all.  I went to the basement yesterday to try and sew a little bit, but my sewing machine is causing me GREAT frustration!!!  I am ready to take a shot gun to it.  I can't seem to sew with the right tension...at least that is what I think the problem is.  I have tried loose, tight, in the middle and nothing seems to work.  I am trying to sew two pieces of cotton fabric together and the bobbin thread is getting all jammed and loose.  If you have any suggestions on what my problem is I would greatly appreciate your input.  I think it would help my sanity, and maybe extend the life of my sewing machine. 

Now that I think about it my sewing machine has done this since I got it, 6 months ago.  I have good moments and bad moments with the thread getting all jacked up.  It takes me forever to sew something b/c I genereally have to stop and un jam the bobbin thread every few minutes and then get it sewing right again.  My efforts yesterday were to no evail.  I worked for an hour try to get it to work yesterday.  So much for my machine being my friend.

I hope you all are feeling better and having better crafting luck than me.  Happy 2 days after July 4th!!


  1. when my machine did that everyone told me it was the "timing"....whatever that means (I'm quite the seamstress, can't ya tell?). It was a hand-me-down machine so I just bought an inexpensive new one (a Singer from Target...the 2nd lowest priced one). My Mom has sewed her whole life and she LOVES my machine...she calls it a real work horse...and it was under $150! Good luck...nothing more frustrating!

  2. oh! And I too just started a weird allergy thing...tried decongestants...nothing. Then finally Claritin and I found some relief! I've never really been an allergy-sufferer before. so strange. Hope you feel better soon...nothing worse than a head full...oh..except maybe a sewing machine that isn't working right. =-)


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