Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's for Dinner Wednesday-4 Day Diet

Okay, so last week we were on vacation and I ate everything in site on a grazing basis.  This just made that number on the scales go higher and higher.  So instead of cooking something specific this week I thought I would share with you a quick diet.  You may have heard of it before, The 4 Day Wonder Diet.

I have done this several times with good success.  With this diet you are projected to loose from 4-6 lbs.  This time around I have lost 5 lbs.  It is a great way to shed a couple of lbs. for a trip...after a trip in my case, jump start a weight loss program of your choice, or just get rid of a couple extra holiday lbs.  The way I look at it is, I can do almost anything for 4 days.

Here we go:

Day One:
Breakfast:   plain coffee or tea
                  1/2 small grapefruit   **  this is the same all 4 days
Lunch:        broiled hamburger
                  1 cup lettuce, no dressing
                  1 medium tomato
  **  Amy's note.  I crumbled my hamburger and put it on top of the lettuce and cut up tomato.  It was like a nice salad without the dressing.
Supper:       2 hard boiled eggs
                   6 oz. green beans
                   1/2 small grapefruit

Day Two:
Lunch:          5 oz. chicken
                    1 cup lettuce
                    6 oz. tomato juice
Supper:        1 cup squash     **these can be eaten raw or steamed
                    1 cup cauliflower
                    6 oz. green beans

Day Three:
Lunch:           1 cup lettuce
                     1 cup celery
                     5 oz. chicken
Supper:         broiled hamburger
                     stewed tomatoes
                     6 oz. prune juice (okay, this I can't even do once.  I just don't drink it...and I still lost do what you prefer)
  **Amy's note:  I buy a can of seasoned stewed tomatoes and pour it over my hamburger for added flavor.

Day Four:
Lunch:           2 hard boiled eggs
                     6 oz. green beans
                     6 oz. tomato juice
Supper:         broiled hamburger
                     1 cup lettuce
                     1 medium tomato
                     6 oz. pineapple juice

That is it!!  Try and make sure you get in 64 oz. of water a day too.  I wouldn't recommend doing this diet more than once in a 1 month period.
Happy Weight Loss!!

If you try this and loose some weight please let me know.

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