Monday, June 28, 2010

Makin' It Monday-Recipe Cards

I have so many recipes that I love to make or want to make, but I run into the problem that I don't have enough recipe cards.  I will end up writing recipes on scraps of paper and store them until I can find some at the store.  I love cute recipe cards, but I hate how much you have to pay for them.  So, I thought I would make some...

Here is what you need:
Scrapbook paper
glue stick
And something to draw straight lines
Start with cutting your paper.  I cut mine to be 4x6, but you might need them to be bigger or smaller depending on your cookbook.

Next, I used some scrap white paper to embellish my cards.

I also used some white cards and spruced them up a bit with some excess of the printed paper.

Just glue everything together.
Now, just add the lines and you are done!

Quick easy and easy on the wallet.  I made 20 recipe cards.  I think this would make a great wedding gift with a few of your favorite recipes and a new casserole dish. 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute :) I love the inexpensive version of a custom look!

  2. Great idea! I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday till Friday and would love for you to join the party.

  3. Don't you just love that cutter? My dd had "inherited" mine and she cuts everything with it! Those look great! :)

  4. They turned out so cute. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday.


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