Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things to Try Thursday-Home Made Spray 'n Wash and Carpet Cleaner

Okay, so I have been a little busy this week and I am going simple with the stuff to try.

I saw this Spray 'n Wash recipe on My Frugal Lifestyle.  I tried it today while doing 1 of the 10 loads I have washed over the past two days.  I have rewashed almost all of my kids clothes they have out grown since they got wet in our basement.

This recipe calls for:

1/3 part Liquid Ivory soap
1/3 part White Ammonia
1/3 part Water
Empty spray bottle
I measured how much liquid my spray bottle would hold and divided that number by 3.  That way I knew how many ounces of each liquid to use.  You could eyeball it if you want, but I prefer to be a little more exact. 

Add all of the liquids to your bottle.

Your done!!
I found this to be good on stains.  I had a couple set in stains from previous washings that it didn't get out.  I also tried it on finger nail polish stains, and they didn't come out either.  For the normal stains my kids clothes endure this Spray 'n Wash worked well.  Make sure you check out My Frugal Lifestyle and check her notes on using this cleaner.  One very important tip....DO NOT use BLEACH with this cleaner.  The bleach will interact with the ammonia and bad stuff happens...just don't do it!!

Do you have stains on your carpet?  I do, with two little ones running around we get several stains on our carpet.  Here is a recipe for an easy GREEN carpet cleaner.

1/2 part Distilled white Vinegar
1/2 part water
Empty Spray Bottle

Once again I measured how much liquid my spray bottle would hold and divided that by 2.  I mixed my vinegar and water together.

Then I poured it in my spray bottle.

Your Done!!
I tried this on ALL of my carpet stains, even the ones that I have cleaned before with a chemical cleaner and have come back.  This did a GREAT job!!!  It was so easy to use with very little scrubbing. 
My husband and I borrowed my in-laws carpet cleaner and instead of using the chemical cleaner we used 1/3  vinegear (32 ounces) and the rest water.  This did a wonderful job on my carpets.  We left the windows open overnight to help the carpet dry.  The next morning the carpets were dry and you couldn't even smell the vinegar.

Don't forget to label your spray bottles so you know what is inside!

Happy Cleaning!!


  1. I love all the recipes for homemade cleaners! I'll have to try it - my carpet is a mess :(

  2. Great info, thank you for sharing! Also, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!


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