Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not Makin' It Monday

Well.....We made it hope from pickin' up the hubby.  I have never seen so much water in our area before.  We received 11 inches of rain in less than 36 hours.  Not to mention it rained earlier in the week and the ground was already wet. 

You may be that is a lot of water.  I agree.  Let me show you pictures of my basement....

Yep that is me and the hubby sitting in the basement posin' for a picture....see all that water.  It was only 2-3 inches.  We were really blessed, the house across the street had water in the basement almost chest high!!!!

After spending the last couple of days getting water out of the basement...vacuuming water out of the basement...pulling soaking wet things out of the basement...I decided to take a break and blog about it.

When we got home from pickin' up the hubby I decided to make dinner.  I needed two bags of broccoli from our freezer in the basement.  The kiddos wanted to go with me to the basement, and when we got to the last step I saw lots of water!!! 

I immediately called my Dad to see if he had a sump pump that we could use.  Let me start by saying...there are tons of houses in our area that have water in of them being my Grandfather's house in town.  He had water under his house and was trying to pump it out...but it was flowing back in just as fast b/c there was no where for the water to go since the land around his house was so saturated.  I was hoping that my family had an extra pump not already delegated to someone else.  Fortunately my Dad found one and brought it over.  I starting calling friends to see who could come watch the kiddos while the hubby and I worked in the basement. My college roommate (who is 6 mo. pregnant with her first baby girl) and her husband (a childhood friend of the hubby's) came to our rescue!!! 
We were able to commandeer a couple more pumps, and 5 hours later we had most of the standing water out of the basement. 

When I got up Monday morning there was still some water standing in the lower areas of the floor, but fortunately within 30 minutes that was being pumped out.  Today, Wednesday morning there is still water in the bottom cinder block, and the block below the floor that still needs to drain before we are water free.  But we are in much better shape.  I think we are at the point of going through all the stuff stored in the basement and repacking some things and just going through the other stuff and reassessing if we really need it.  So yard sale at my house soon!!
I have to thank GOD for small favors.  I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't decided to make dinner...we may not have gone to our basement until the next day.  The flooding resulted from our existing sump pump's failing.  This may not seem like a blessing, but it is.  If that pump had continued to work all the water that was in our basement would have been pumped into our septic tank, which couldn't handle that much water.  That would have resulted in our septic tank backing up.  I can handle water of sewage any day!!
I decided since the water was clear in our basement to let the kiddos have some fun out of all of this.  Here are a couple of shots of them playing in our basement swimming pool. 

Pookie wanted the water to stay in the basement so he could continue to play in it.  I don't think he understands that this is a bad thing :) 
With all the stuff that got wet I think our computer in the basement is the only loss.  My new Cricut (which I was storing in its box) was full of water and it poured out when I picked it up.  My sewing machine was on a table, but the foot was on the floor and got wet.  Both of these machines are FINE and still work!  I just can't thank GOD enough for watching over us and the damage not being any worse.
I hope you all have had a better weekend and start to the week than we have!

Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. glad to year that you were able to recover easily from this tragedy. And thank god the cricut is OK!!


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