Monday, May 24, 2010

Makin' It Monday-Monogrammed Coffe Cup Cozy

I have seen these before and I thought I would try my hand at making a coffee cup cozy for my BIL. 

Whatcha' need:

Fabric (scrap fabric will work just fine)
Felt/Fleece/Batting ( I used a fire proof batting from a previous project)
Crochet Thread (for monogramming)
Needle for monogramming
Scissors or rotary cutter
card board cozy template (i used an old one from Starbucks)
Button and an elastic

I started by taking my template and placing in on my fabric and cutting out my shape.  I would suggest you make the cozy a little bigger than your template to allow for seam allowances.  I didn't do this and my cozy is a little smaller than I would like, but it works just the same.

I did the same thing with my batting material.

I monogrammed my fabric with the crochet thread and an embroidery needle.  I used a fine point marker and traced my monogram on my fabric so I had some guidelines to follow.

I pinned my fabric and batting together with my monogram facing inward. 

Next, I stitched around the outside of the cozy leaving one of the ends open so I could flip my cozy inside out.

Pin your elastic in the open end of your cozy.  Fold the raw edges of the fabric in and sew the seam shut.  I went over the elastic end a couple of times to help secure them in place. 

Then sew your button on the front of the cozy on the other end.

You are ready to attach your cozy to your coffee cup. 

With the monogram you will never get your coffee cup confused with anyone else again...unless they have the same initials as you.

Happy Sewing!!



  1. So handy to use this rather than the paper ones you throw away after each use!

  2. So cute! Those things sell for a ton on etsy, never knew it was so simple.

  3. Very great idea!! I love personalized items! Thanks for sharing this with us this week!!


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