Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Snow!!!

Okay...I never would have believed I wouldn't want anymore snow. Like I have mentioned earlier we don't get that much snow in KY, especially southern KY. Lately we have gotten several inches of snow at a time. It hangs around long enough for school to be cancelled for three to four days in a row. Those poor kids won't get a summer break, just an extension on their winter break.

Albeit the school cancelations don't really pertain to my family since my kiddos aren't old enough for school yet, but it does lots of my friends who teach and have elementary age kids. The family and I have had fun playing in the snow, but I am ready for spring. My husband bought me a beautiful spring flower arrangement for Valentine's Day.

My spirits get lifted everytime I smell that sweet aroma...then I look outside and see white snow. I realize it will be several more weeks of winter around here...does that mean the ground hog could have taken the day off a while back??? hum, just food for thought.

Have a great one!!


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