Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repurposed Pitcher

I have shown you a couple of pictures of two of my cracked pitchers with flowers in them. Those flowers have now since passed on to a better place. I decided I wanted a more perminant resident in these pitchers and thought I would repot some of my house plants.

This is a picture of a basket full of plants that I received from my coworkers in OH as a going away present almost 6 years ago. I am not a green thumb, and the only reason some of these plants has survived 4 moves and our existing home is because of my loving husband. He waters all of the house plants. I think that is a great compromise...I water the kids, he waters the plants. At least I take care of the import stuff...our kiddos.

Anyway, some of the smaller plants in the basket died and the Peace Lily has really started taking over the rest of the basket. I thought it would be better to put the peace lily by itself, and then group the rest together in their own pot.

Here is the pitcher half filled with dirt from the previous inhabitant.

Next I gave the Lily a new home and filled the pitcher up with dirt. And...I gave it some water. I wanted to get off on a fresh start.

Here is the final product sitting on my cabinet next to the window...catching a few rays of sun.
I really like the look the plant has in the pitcher...a great way to repurpose a broken pticher that I wasn't ready to get rid of.

Have a good one!

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