Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baking A Cake

For Christmas my Father-in-law got me a subscription to Taste of Home magazine. If you don't get it or haven't seen the cover of the January issue, then you are missing out. My 3 year old saw the cover (a picture of a beautiful chocolate cake) and said, "Mommy, will you make me this?" How can you say no to here is my rendition of the same cake.

Here are all the ingredients...

Plus some yummy chopped chocolate for gonach.

I made chocolate butter cream icing.

And here is the melted chocolate in a ziploc bag.

I pipped the chocolate onto waxed paper and let it cool.

The final production.

I know, I know, are thinking this is way tooooo chocolaty, But, it really isn't it is just right. If you don't like chocolate, then it probably is too much. The first time I made this cake I thought it would be too much chocolate and I would only be able to eat 2 bites before deciding it was too rich. I was pleasantly suprised by the moistness of this cake and how scrumptious it truely is. If you want the recipe check out Taste of Home (it was part of a cake competition...and this wasn't the #1 cake).

Happy Baking.


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