Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Semi-Homemade

Mr. E is supposed to have a Valentine's Party at school on Thursday, well if they have school! 

I decided that I didn't want to buy the box of Valentine's for him to hand out.  I found a bunch of Valentine stuff at Target's Dollar Section the other day and new that I hit JACKPOT!!

Mr. E has really gotten into coloring and cutting and a little bit of crafting.  I decided that with the basic cards and stickers Mr. E could make his own Valentine's.

We started with the basics blank cards.  I put the messages on the inside and left space for Mr. E to write his name.

We used the felt hearts to decorate the outside of the cards.  Mr. E and Miss C had a good time pealing off the paper backs and putting the stickers on.  I had to turn Miss C's hearts around, she put everyone on upside down.

We had extra hearts left over so I decided to make little heart stamps on the outside of the envelopes. 

It took some time, but Mr. E wrote his name in every one of the cards.  This was good practice and he definitely started improving.  I have decided that you shouldn't name your child anything with more that 4 or 5 letters!!  It would take WAY too long to teach them how to write their name.  Mr. E only has 5 letters in his name, and one letter is repeated.  I told the hubby he got to teach Miss C how to write her name, she has 8 letter, and none of them repeat!!! 

Here is the final cards signed and ready to go.

Happy Crafting!!

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