Monday, September 13, 2010

Makin' It Monday- My Mom's Birthday Present

My mom's birthday isn't until November but I found the perfect gift a while back. 

I found a pretty green sweater a couple of months ago, but it has 3/4 length sleeves.  Not exactly appropriate for the winter months in Kentucky.  So I embelished the sweater and a pair of flip flops for her birthday.  My mom LOVES the pretty sea green color that has become popular in the past couple of years.  She also loves this green with navy. 

I found some navy roses at Hobby Lobby and a pair of navy flip flops at Walmart.  I deconstructed the flowers, I bought two roses to ensure I had enough petals.  I took an old shirt that was the same green color and made twisted roses out of them.  Next, I glued some of the rose petals to the flower rose.  I glued two of the flower/petal combos to the the flip flops.  TIP:  I found that it is best to scour the tops of the flip flops where you plan on gluing the flowers.  These flip flops have smooth straps and the hot glue doesn't hold well. 

I also made a bigger flower/petal that I glued to a pin back.  Then, I attached the pin to the shirt to make a pretty combo of shoes and sweater. 

I gave this to my Mom early and I hope she gets some good fall wear out of them!!

Happy Early Birthday Mom


Happy Crafting!!


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  1. Great job, Amy! I love the flip flops. Your mom's one lucky lady.


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