Friday, September 3, 2010

All Tied Up

Sorry  I havetn't been around this week.  We have been busy...just not with crafty things...*sigh*. 

The hubby was off most of last week and we spent a lot of time outside working in our yard as a family.   Wow, did we ever get a lot accomplished...trimmed trees, moved all the limbs to the ever growing burn pile.    I will let you know when we decide to have our will probably see the glow in the sky...we have three years worth of limbs, several old bushes, and a small tree back there. 

School started for me this week.  So I have been trying to adjust to a new routine.  I am taking 12 hours this semester towards my masters.  When this semester is over I will be half way through!!!  Whenever school starts I slip into a little funk.  I don't enjoy giving up some of my "me" time.  Most of my classes require a lot of reading.  I wait until nap and bedtime to try and read so that it is quiet and I can do a better job of concentrating. 

I probably won't be coming up with as much original stuff, not that I have that much of it anyway, for the next little bit.  This is good though...I am making all of our Christmas least  that is the plan, and I need to concentrate on getting all of those gifts made.  I will still be posting stuff, but maybe not quite as frequently.  I have several things floating around in my head to make, they might pop up every now and then...we will have to just play it by ear!! 

For all of you who have kids going back to school, I hope they transition better than I have!! 

Happy Crafting, and thanks for following along!!


  1. Best of luck this semester. I know the feeling of giving up "me" time. I gave up my blog recently. I too, am in school and find it difficult to anything blog worthy.

  2. It's tough but you can do it! Hang in there! I will finish my second associates degree next week and start bachelors. I can't imagine getting a masters having a family with small children! Congrats!!


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