Saturday, March 13, 2010

PB Inspired Easter Egg Topiary

I receive Pottery Barn catalogs all the time, but can't afford to spend tons of money on their cute merchandise. So, I set out to create my own version of this cute Easter Egg Topiary.
I started with a cone shaped Styrofoam piece, floral moss, styrofoam eggs, paint, tooth picks, a hot glue gun.

I purchased 5 bags of small eggs from the Dollar Tree and cut the strings off.

I wanted my eggs to have the speckled look, so I used a tooth pick and my paint to dab spots on my eggs.

While the eggs dried on a sheet of wax paper I started hot gluing the floral moss to the topiary.

Once I had the tree covered I started adding the eggs.

I broke tooth picks in half.

Then, I poked the broken end of the toothpick into the egg.

I added some hot glue to the egg, for extra support once attached to the topiary.

I added 4 columns of eggs to my topiary with 7 eggs in each column. Then, I added one last egg to the top.

This topiary is cute just as it is, or you can add some cute ribbon to add a little more flare.

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Such a great idea!!!

    Come and visit my Easter Decor Inspiration Party here...

  2. Amy,
    Cute topiary! Looks awesome on your mantle. I'm so glad you joined the Easter Roundup!
    Happy Easter!


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