Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Today is a special day for me...No, I am not Irish.

Eight years ago today on a beach in Florida, my now husband proposed!!

We were both still in college and new that we would have at least a year long engagement, but we were both okay with that.

I remember that afternoon really well. It was Spring Break, and my Mom had chaperoned my, my now husband, and 4 other friends, to my parent's condo on the beach. We had all gotten up and gone to church that morning and after lunch headed out to the beach. We had taken a nice stroll along the beach and after returning to the condo everyone was trying to decide what to do next. My husband (from this point on in the story...boyfriend) said he wanted to go get his Dad's SLR camera and take some pictures, and that he had a gift for me. I said okay no biggie.

We headed for the elevator to go to our unit and get the stuff we needed. I remember waiting for the elevator and putting my head on my boyfriend's, his heart was about to pound right out of his chest. At that moment I knew something was up...he kept a cool composure, so I was suspecious of what was going on.

Once at the room, I told my boyfriend I would like to put on some make-up and pull my hair back...he said we didn't have time that he just wanted to take some cool snap shots and we needed to head back down to the beach.

Once we got to the beach my boyfriend handed the camera to my best friend's boyfriend (her now husband) to take some pictures from the pool area while we were at the beach.

As we walked out on the beach my Mom and friends congregate around the camera man to watch the festivities.

Once we get to our destination my boyfriend tells me I can open my present. It was a beautiful jewlery box and when I opened the lid it played music....AND there was a diamond ring inside. My boyfriend presceded to go into some speech that I am not sure I comprehended a word of. I did get the final message though when he asked me to marry him. I was of course crying...the emotional waterwork machine that I am. I thought I said yes, but my now fiance' said I never said yes. I did say yes when it really the wedding.

This was a special day b/c my friends and my Mom got to witness a milestone in my life. Even though my husband and I had talked about getting engaged and married a lot, and we had already gotten blessings from our parents, it was still surreal when the time actually came. I am glad my husband had the foresight to have those moments documented for us to share for years to come!!

Now you know a little bit more about me and why St. Patty's day holds a special place in my hart.

I hope you all have a great day and enjoy a little bit of some Irish festivities.


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