Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My dead microwave

The other day I just wanted to microwave butter. So, I put the butter in a Pyrex measuring cup and set the time for 15 seconds.

About 3-5 seconds in the microwave session it started making a unit noise and then a funny odor started to tick my nose.

Well, long story short my microwave died. It was a very tragic time for me. I didn't realize how dependent I was on this modern convenience.

I bought individual microwave meals for the kids for lunch one day. They were begging for them. Well of course I couldn't cook it in the microwave. I tied cooking it on stove, but that just didn't work. The kids hated it and wouldn't even eat it.

We were very fortunate to find a friend who had a spare microwave we could have. Here is the old microwave, we bought it right after we got married.

Here is the scorched plate from the flames that were coming out of my microwave.

Here is my counter where the microwave set for the past 6 years.

Who new it could get sooooo dirty there! I promise I keep my counters clean, I know that is hard to tell from this picture. I never thought to clean under my microwave before! I probably won't again until the new one has to be moved. They are just big and bulky to move all the time! So I am sure my counters will look like this again in 6 more years! Just a vicious cycle.

Happy cleaning!!


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